Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Defensive Leads and Signals

This is the one area where choices are offered. The following are specified: Defensive signals when following suit or discarding are "high encourages, low discourages." Leads are top of touching honors (with choices from AKx and interior sequences).

Pairs must choose from the following options. Where no card is pre-marked in bold italics, pairs must mark their leads.
  • Which card is led from AKx

  • Which card is led from xxx, xxxx or xxxxx

  • Whether 4th best, or & 5th best leads are used

  • Whether 3rd best is led from KJ10x, K109x, or Q109x, (and from AJ10x or A109x versus NT). Must be indicated by circling the card led

  • Whether or not frequent count signals are given

It is Declarer's responsibility to look at opponents' carding agreements. In the absence of a circle, cards in bold italics are presumed to be the agreement.